Doctoral Programme

There are several good reasons to apply for a doctoral degree at the Department of Art History at Masaryk University in Brno. The Department of Art History is a comprehensive educational centre (bachelor, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate programmes, lifelong learning, third age university), as well as a scientific and research centre.
      • Masaryk University, the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, offers a stimulating intellectual environment for doctoral studies.
      • We cooperate with a number of prestigious scientific institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.
      • The Department publishes two journals and participated in publishing several monographs on history and theory of art and visual culture.
      • In only the past 3 years, the Department’s teachers participate in the creation of almost twenty monographs and published dozens of other publications. They also participated in the preparation and organization of several domestic and international expert meetings.
      • The Department offers its students an extensive and the most dynamically growing specialized library among Czech institutions.

You can enrol in internal or external doctoral programme with a wide range of topics, including the following areas:

      • Art of the Middle Ages
      • Art of the Early Modern Period
      • 20th Century Art
      • History and Theory of Architecture
      • Art of the Far East
      • Collecting, Patronage and Art-Historical Museology
      • Theory and Methodology of Art History
      • Visual Studies, Theory of Images
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Study programme 8106V: General Theory and History of Art and Culture
Field of study: Theory and History of Art (field of study no. 81–06–9)


Internal members

External members

  • PhDr. Klára Benešovská, CSc.  (Czech Academy of Sciences)
  • prof. PhDr. Petr Fidler  (University of Pardubice)
  • prof. Ivan Gerát, PhD. (Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  • prof. PhDr. Miloš Stehlík (National Heritage Institute)
  • doc. PhDr. Jana Zapletalová, Ph.D. (Palacky University Olomouc)

    Credit model of the four-year full-time and part-time doctoral studies valid from the academic year 2012/2013

    The model is based on the provisions of §47: The doctoral programme focuses on scientific research and independent creative activity in the field of research or development, or on independent theoretical and creative activities in the field of art and meets the requirements of the Study and Examination Regulations of MU. The studies of the doctoral programme are conducted according to an individual study plan under the guidance of a supervisor. Increased emphasis is placed on publications, papers presented at conferences and foreign mobility.

    20 credits are always required to advance into the next semester. Therefore, the studies require individual allocation of energy and the ability to creatively set partial realistic goals in each semester in order to achieve the 20 credits.

    Before the state doctoral examination and the defence of the dissertation, it is necessary to reach 240 credits.

    Items marked with * are mandatory!

    Code in IS

    Course title





     * Theoretical and Methodological Seminar I
    (Department of Philosophy)





     Theoretical and Methodological Seminar II
    (Department of Philosophy)





     * Theoretical and Methodological Seminar III - Methodology of Art History





     * Foreign Language

     Autumn, Spring




     * Doctoral Collegium (seminar)

     Autumn, Spring
    (8 semesters)


     80 (8x10)


    * Source study, research(supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring
    (1st and 2ndsemester)


    10 (2x5)


    * Text preparation I (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring
    (3rd or 4th)


    10 (1x10)


    * Text preparation II (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring
    (6th or 7th


    20 (1x20)


    *Publication (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring


    20 (1x20)


    Research paper  (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring


    20 (1x20)


    Semester study stay abroad (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring




    Dissertation topic (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring
    (6th or 7th




    Dissertation (supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring




    Semestral colloquium(supervisor)

    Autumn, Spring
    (during the studies)




    Total credits needed



    Brief annotation of subjects

    Common subjects:

    • Theoretical and Methodological Seminar I-II

    carried out by the Department of Philosophy

    • Foreign language

    carried out by the Language Centre of MU

    • AJ31010 Test for English for PSG
    • NJ_DS German for Doctoral Studies
    • RJ_DS01 Russian for Doctoral Studies
    • ROMDX Romance Language for Non-Romanists

    Courses provided by the Department of Art History:

    • Doctoral collegium

    Basic form of postgraduate studies; collegiums are usually held every three weeks in each semester. An integral part of the collegiums are specialized lectures prepared in cooperation with the Institute of Art History of The Czech Academy of Sciences, or with other important experts in the field. In addition to lectures, their integral part are also presentations, partial and final, on theses and results of the independent and systematic scientific and creative work done by the PhD students, based on updated annual study plans of doctoral students. The seminar provides doctoral students of both forms of study, full-time or part-time, extensive methodological and professional support in their studies and initiates the publication of partial results of their dissertations.

    • Source studies, research I-III

    Study of sources and literature, especially in the field of the research specialization, in connection with the dissertation project, takes place in the first semesters of study, preferably in the 1stand 2nd, max. 3rdsemester.

    • Text preparation I-II

    Inspection and consultation of work progress is usually carried out in the final semesters of the standard study time (3rdand 4th, or 5thand 6thsemester) in the form of individual consultations with the supervisor. These consultations take place as needed, but at least once per semester.

    • Publication

    The publication minimum is at least one contribution in a Czech or foreign non-impacted reviewed journal, e. g. Umění, Opuscula Historiae Artium, Bulletin of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, or a peer-reviewed book publication, exhibition catalogue, etc.

    • Research paper

    At least one paper presented at a foreign or domestic conference, workshop; it can be replaced by another scholarly publication or by a special one-semester lecture for students of the master's programme at the Department of Art History.

    • Semester study stayabroad

    A one semester stay at a foreign university or art-historical research centre; especially in the case of part-time students, it can be replaced by another scholarly publication.

    • Dissertation topic

    Drafting and submitting a paper summarizing the results of the dissertation, which is handed in for the defence - after completing the work on the dissertation.

    • Semestral colloquium

    Supervision of the course of studies throughout the whole period of the doctoral programme by the supervisor and chairman of the committee.  

    • Dissertation

    Credit is awarded for submitting the final version of the thesis. It is necessary to register the dissertation in the IS (see methodology for entering the final theses into the IS).  

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